Between 2 Futures

A series of discussions exploring the future of transportation in a post-COVID-19 America.

Between 2 Futures Series: Straight Talk with State DOT Leaders

Join ITS America for a webinar with leaders from three state departments of transportation to discuss what public agencies are doing to better serve their communities during the pandemic. How are they planning to manage the return of traffic and with it, more crashes and congestion – and doing so while balancing public health concerns and growing financial constraints?

Between 2 Futures Series: Equity & Access in Transportation

Between 2 Futures Series: A Conversation with Shailen Bhatt & Seleta Reynolds

Between 2 Futures Series: Freight with Chris Spear

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Executive Roundtable on ITS America’s Blueprint for a Safer, Greener, Smarter Transportation System

Intelligent mobility driven by the deployment of transportation technologies presents us with an opportunity to reimagine our system and transform outcomes for generations – saving tens of thousands of people each year, reducing…

Member Webinar Series: Commsignia – Cloud, V2N and 5G in Traffic Safety and Efficiency

Both 5G and V2X are hot topics, and there’s an increasing effort to find the role of various network services in road safety, including personal devices. In this webinar, we present the key factors in building reliable, life-saving…