Laura D. Chace, President and CEO

Laura Chace is President and CEO of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America),  

Laura Chace was named President and CEO of ITS America in August 2021. Previously, she served as the association’s Chief Operating Officer. Her focus is to promote policies that advance the development and safe deployment of intelligent transportation technologies throughout the United States to save lives and reduce crashes on U.S. roadways, reduce congestion, minimize transportation’s carbon footprint, and provide seamless mobility and transportation choices for all Americans.  

Chace has extensive experience in strategic planning, operations, communications and advocacy, and a proven track record of implementing complex initiatives with strong engagement and collaboration among stakeholders. 

She is passionate and speaks often about the need to include more female and diverse voices in the transportation workforce to create better outcomes for all who use the transportation system. Chace has led industry initiatives focused on bringing more women into the transportation industry and continues to work towards growing equity in the industry and our transportation networks. 

Across the industry, Chace is seen as a leader on transportation technology and innovation.  She has been chosen by the U.S. Department of Transportation to serve as an advisor on the Transforming Transportation Advisory Committee to help the Department navigate how to safely and responsibly incorporate advanced technology into our transportation system to support mobility needs now and in the future. She also serves as a member of the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation’s Electric Vehicle Working Group to provide recommendations on how to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.  Additionally, Chace also serves on the advisory board of the Accelerator for America’s Innovative Infrastructure Initiative (i3). 

Chace previously worked at USTelecom and the American Trucking Association. Early in her career, she served in the Clinton Administration at the U.S. Department of Justice Office and in the White House. She holds a Bachelor of Art’s degree from Colgate University.