ITS America’s Major Policy Platforms

2021 ITS America Technology Blueprint

ITS America believes that developing and deploying transportation technologies provides the opportunity to alleviate many of the negative impacts of our transportation system while providing more equitable and accessible mobility without leaving behind the transportation workers who allow our transportation system to function.



2021 FAST Act Reauthorization

“Over the years since the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act was signed into law, automated and connected vehicle technologies have advanced, the collection and use of big data has become an increasingly valuable tool for decision makers, electrification of vehicles of every type from human scale to large-scale continues, and Mobility on Demand services are transforming how we get around.”

ITS America's V2X Principles

V2X technologies enable connected vehicle applications that will save lives and provide an enhanced safety layer for automated driving system applications.  These technologies need dedicated spectrum that is free from harmful interference to ensure uninterrupted low-latency, high-speed communications.  These V2X Principles guide ITS America’s approach to V2X technologies and the 5.9 GHz band.

ITS America Transportation Policy: A Better Future Transformed by Intelligent Mobility

Our focus is policy that accelerates the deployment of seamless mobility technology, connected and automated vehicle technologies, and smart infrastructure; policy that breathes new life into our transportation system by expanding investments in technologies that support smart communities; policy that encourages new models and modes of transportation, including micro-transit, ridesourcing, carshare, bikeshare, micro-mobility, and unmanned systems; and policy that does all of this while making our transportation system safer, greener, and smarter.