ITSA Academy


The ITS landscape is changing rapidly. Now, more than ever, transportation professionals need to stay up to date on how to assess, deploy, and manage the latest technologies. 

 ITS America is delighted to unveil ITSA Academy, a new training platform that will launch this fall with an inaugural course on transportation data.  ITSA Academy will ultimately house a series of training courses designed from the ground up to deliver the skills needed to stay ahead in this fast-changing industry. 


Going beyond the traditional ITS primer, this course will familiarize both existing employees and new hires with the latest best practices regarding collection, use and management of data and arm them with practical knowledge applicable to their roles today. The course draws on expert insights and real-world case studies to unpack how transportation data can be used to reach key safety and service level KPIs. 


IOO staff working in a variety of roles across their organization will benefit from this class

  • For those directly involved in ITS, this course will debrief the latest technologies and techniques for transportation data capture, management, and analysis 
  • For staff whose roles are not directly related to ITS, this course will serve as an introduction to ITS and showcase the vital role that ITS plays in their daily work.  
  • This course will spread awareness about the importance of data across an IOO, fostering broader support for ITS-related initiatives and preventing data from becoming siloed within the organization. 
  • New hires in private sector sales, marketing, and product roles- this class will familiarize private sector hires with key public sector needs.  
  • By highlighting IOO priorities, KPIs, and key data management challenges, this course will serve as a primer on both the goals IOOs seek to accomplish and the challenges they face in achieving them. 

  • Provide baseline literacy about transportation data and its use cases, to encourage a common language with which to discuss these concepts 
  • Teach basic best practices that are immediately applicable 
  • Spread awareness of ITS’s importance across an organization, to set the stage for wide-scale deployment and use of ITS technologies 
  • Introduce new hires to the world of ITS and highlight key data management challenges 


The self-paced online course, accessible via the ITS America website, is designed for flexibility and impact. With updates to keep content fresh, the course will evolve alongside the ITS ecosystem. Priced at $250 for individuals, the course will be discounted for groups enrolling in ten or more students. 

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