Between Two Futures Series: Straight Talk with State DOT Leaders

Join ITS America for a webinar with leaders from three state departments of transportation to discuss what public agencies are doing to better serve their communities during the pandemic. How are they planning to manage the return of traffic and with it, more crashes and congestion – and doing so while balancing public health concerns and growing financial constraints?

Federal Update Part 2: April 15, 2020

Webinar: Technology Investments for Our 21st Century Infrastructure

Join ITS America and experts from member company Deloitte as they discuss the necessary technology investments for our 21st century infrastructure system.

Federal Update Part 5: June 19, 2020

ITS Between 2 Futures: Equity & Access in Transportation

A timely discussion on equity and access in transportation between Shailen Bhatt, President/CEO of ITS America and Phil Washington, CEO of LA Metro.

Technology and the Post COVID-19 Transportation Roadmap Webinar

Traffic is down – so is transit ridership. Walking and bicycling are up – for now. What is transportation’s post COVID-19 roadmap, and how do we deploy technology as we build the transportation system of the 21st century?

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