The New Infrastructure: Physical + Digital Helps Enable Positive Citizen Outcomes

Join us Wednesday, November 9 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm ET for a virtual summit with transportation leaders on the convergence of Physical + Digital…

Leveraging AI and Connected Vehicle Data to Generate Instant, Accurate, Complete Performance Reports on the ROI of Any Transportation Project

Accurately measuring the success of a transportation project is critical to creating compelling grant narratives, allocating resources effectively, and improving mobility, safety, environmental, and equity outcomes. This presentation will…

How Smart Mobility Data Can Set Your Infrastructure Grant Application Apart

On October 18 at 2pm ET, Wejo and Congaree River Group transportation professionals are coming together to educate ITSA members on various grant funding opportunities made available through the Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act. This…

Practices to Attract, Retain, and Promote Women in Transportation – Meeting the Goal of 10% in 10 years Presented by MobilityXX and Iteris

What are best practices in hiring, supporting, retaining and empowering women in transportation? Are we really moving the needle to increase the number of women in our field? What are MobilityXX Pledge companies doing to increase the number of women in the transportation sector? 

The Pink Tax: Why Women Spend More on Mobility Than Men 

“The Pink Tax” is a form of gender-based discrimination requiring women to pay more for transportation, transit and mobility, as well as other products and services. The ‘pink tax’ in transportation means women often pay up to$1,200…

How Technology and Sharing Data Can Save Lives in Work Zones and Beyond

This webinar will be a lively and important discussion with private and public sector speakers stressing the need for evolving technology and strategies to address the rising number of crashes and deaths in work zones and beyond

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