Web3 Future for Cross-Industry Interoperability: Building the New Economy of Movement

Stakeholders operating in extended value chains worldwide remain strained by inefficiencies, prohibitive integration costs, and growing cybersecurity risks. To this end, MOBI and its members have co-developed a decentralized Web3 solution…

ITS America Digital Infrastructure Strategy Report Webinar

This webinar will provide a deep dive into ITS America and Cambridge Consulting’s Digital Infrastructure Strategy Report, a work product which outlines real-world use cases for digital infrastructure deployment and provides a roadmap for…

ITS America Member Webinar: State of the Union on Digital Infrastructure

Throughout Q1 and Q2 of 2023, Rekor and Amazon Web Services (AWS) joined forces to conduct a no-nonsense listening campaign in the transportation industry. The goal? To reveal the unvarnished truth about the current “State of the Union” on digital infrastructure.

ITS America Member Webinar: Delivering a Blueprint for Work Zone Digitization to Save Lives

In 2021, the United States experienced a spike in work zone fatalities with 956 total deaths and an estimated 42,000 injuries, continuing a disturbing trend that’s been increasing since 2011. How can agencies facing this perfect storm grow and maintain their infrastructure while protecting their workers? Join ITS America and member one.network, for an insightful webinar that provides agencies with a blueprint on how to save lives in work zones using data.

ITS America Member Webinar: Improving Safety and E-mobility through Connectivity

Join ITS America Member Qualcomm for a webinar on improving safety and e-mobility through connectivity. Learn: 1. How C-V2X performs the double duty of delivering local safety and mobility benefits 2. How public and private partnerships can drive C-V2X services in North America 3. How enterprises, personal mobility providers, and the public sector can use C-V2X to build monetizable connected services 4. How electric vehicle charging infrastructure can benefit from seamless connectivity & C-V2X support

ITS America Member Webinar: How U.S. Government & Transit Agencies Can Implement Road Safety Technology

Join ITS America Member Derq for a conversation about what is needed to successfully implement road safety technology and the analytical safety and traffic insights these technologies collect and evaluate to tackle road safety issues.

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