2024 ITS World Congress


Planning of Truck Electrification Infrastructure Using Emerging Telematics Data

Freight markets have been extremely volatile since the COVID-19 pandemic which has led to significant changes in freight movement. The commodity flow data and current associated models on the market are not recent enough to capture this…

DI Webinar Series: Signalized Intersections

This Webinar is Part 3 of ITS America’s Digital Infrastructure (DI) webinar series. This webinar is intended to continue to advance the education, collaboration, and definition of DI use cases, with a focus on Traffic Signal Integration.…

The Accountability of Trust: Standards and Artificial Intelligence

Standards are one of the most common themes in policy discussions related to responsible AI. Yet, it is less common to consider how standards fit into the broader context of policy and societal expectations of a rapidly progressing…

2024 ITS World Congress