Data – Fueling the Future of Transportation

Data is the real-time insight, historical knowledge and fuel of a future transportation engine that will provide efficient operations, safer roads and environmentally friendly mobility.

Join the Maricopa County Department of Transportation, TomTom and Flow Labs for an insightful webinar on new strategies to access, manage and leverage existing data, all without the need for new, expensive hardware. Data is routinely left on the table, but it holds the key to providing traffic managers with real-time road conditions, and a comprehensive view of operations, mobility, safety, and asset health.

This is a “get on board or risk getting left behind” moment in transportation. Many agencies struggle to understand traffic volumes and safety risks due to outdated measurement methods, legacy systems, and detector latency. In this discussion, Maricopa County Department of Transportation will discuss how they are breaking away from convention and using Flow Labs’ AI platform to address critical operational challenges including siloed and unverified data, unactionable analytics and unscalable signal retiming.

Connected vehicle data is playing a pivotal role in this transportation evolution. TomTom, the world-renowned mapping and geolocation technology specialist, will explain how their CV probe data provides unparalleled accuracy on roadways, allowing agencies and traffic managers to fully understand actual traffic volumes, travel times, and safety risks, facilitating better decisions.


– Scott Belcher, President and CEO, SFB Consulting, LLC (Moderator)

– Jatish Patel, Founder and CEO, Flow Labs

– April Wire, Traffic Operations Branch Manager, Maricopa County Department of Transportation

– Douglas Gilmour, Sr Mgr Business Development, Traffic and Travel Information, TomTom