Decoding the IIJA – What’s in it and how can you benefit?

ITS America will help you understand what ITS programs are in the law, what investment opportunities there are for the public and private sectors, and overview how we plan to support the ITS industry to take advantage of these funding opportunities.

ITS America staff will share highlights of the 45 ITS programs in the bill and its top technology priorities to help support public and private sectors in leveraging opportunities and using federal funding while incorporating technology to make us safer, greener, and grow access and equity.

Learning objectives: Learn what ITS and future mobility technology programs are in the bill. Understand the timelines and upcoming funding opportunities and how your organization can take advantage of opportunities to seek federal funding. Learn how ITS America will support its members to seek IIJA funding via our IIJA Implementation Plan.


Laura Chace, President & CEO, ITS America
Tim Drake, Vice President of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, ITS America
Nicole DuPuis, Vice President of Public Policy and Emerging Mobility, ITS America
Morgan Ellis, Vice President of Sustainability, ITS America
Kristin White, Chief Operating Officer, ITS America

The first in this series of IIJA webinars will be open to ITS America members and non-members interested learning in how ITS America can support your future mobility goals. Future webinars in this series will dive into the details of how to take advantage of the IIJA and showcase ITS America resources to support its members. We encourage those interested to contact Lindsay Shelton-Gross if you are interested in becoming a member of ITS America to take advantage of these opportunities.