How Technology is Helping Protect Vulnerable Road Users

The Blueprint Series: Transforming Transportation Through Technology

Over the past two years, pedestrian fatalities have dramatically increased with speeding and other distracted and dangerous driving. Yet sensor technologies and vehicle communications can help keep people safe as they walk, bike, and roll to school, work, healthcare, and community centers. 2020 saw the largest ever annual increase in U.S. pedestrian fatalities, and we have a need to understand how technology investments can help improve public health for all vulnerable road users, especially those in low-income communities.

The goal of this webinar will be to understand what vulnerable road users and the active transportation community need to keep them safe, showcase innovative technology and how some early deployers are testing out these ideas. We’ll hear from private sector V2X and sensor innovators, city and state officials, and representatives from active transportation to understand how we can collaborate to promote sustainable safety solutions that focus on user needs.

Speakers include:
Christina Aizcorbe, Vice President of Government Affairs, Velodyne Lidar
Everett Lott, Acting Director, DDOT
Jane Terry, Vice President, Government Affairs, National Safety Council
George Villarreal, Deputy Director Traffic Safety Operations, TxDOT
David Bartlett, Chief Technology Officer, Spoke Safety