Strategic Outreach for Connected and Automated Vehicle Projects

ITSA Member Webinar Series: Utah DOT

Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) are more than just an emerging trend within our transportation landscape. Every day, auto manufacturers are deploying new technologies, public agencies are deploying new data collection capabilities and private industry is trying to understand and utilize these technologies and data.

The crux of the problem: if the public and elected officials don’t understand this technology and the benefits for them, they won’t trust it, use it….. or fund it.

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has focused experience regarding outreach for CAV, and has made great strides in public acceptance and understanding. Through a robust strategy that includes proactive communication, focus groups, qualitative and quantitative research, national trends and excellent outreach, UDOT has learned a great deal about this topic. Lisa Miller and Elizabeth McMillan will share lessons learned and best practices that all agencies can consume and utilize.