The Basics – EV and EV Charging 101

March 22, 2022 | 2pm ET

ITS America’s first transportation electrification webinar is an introductory webinar focused on setting a foundation for understanding EVs and EV charging, the state of the markets and trends, opportunities and challenges, and how stakeholders such as utilities, OEMs, and others fit into the deployment of EVs and EV Charging. The overarching goal is to provide our members with a high-level foundational understanding of EV and EV charging technologies, the trends, and the benefits and challenges of electrified transportation.

Outcomes: Participants will gain a better understanding of EVs, EV Charging, and the associated technologies and policies that are moving EVs and transportation electrification forward.

Speakers include:

• Steve Pekarek, Edmund O. Schweitzer III Professor ECE, Purdue University Research Co-Director, ASPIRE
Jim Poch, Electric Transportation Manager, Duke Energy
Timothy Sexton, Assistant Commissioner, Sustainability and Public Health Division, Minnesota DOT
Mary Wroten, Global Sustainability and ESG at Ford Motor Company
Morgan Ellis, Vice President of Sustainable Transportation, ITS America (Moderator)