The New Infrastructure: Physical + Digital Helps Enable Positive Citizen Outcomes

Presented by ITSA and Intel — 2022 Digital Education Series

Join us Wednesday, November 9 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm ET for a virtual summit with transportation leaders on the convergence of Physical + Digital Infrastructure.

With physical and digital worlds becoming permanently intertwined, investment in this New Infrastructure can generate profound impacts for citizens across states, counties, and municipalities. Design and development require a true shift in thinking about how citizens and physical infrastructure will interact and how they will be integrated. Our approach should strive for much more than just upgrading aging infrastructure; it should look forward to a unified, intelligent system of systems that incorporates new physical and digital infrastructure and supports citizens in new and novel ways.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify and discuss the highest impact digital solutions that will support safe streets, economic growth, climate and equity goals.
2. Understand State DOT’s needs and roadblocks to implement “New Infrastructure” (physical and digital solutions).
3. Discuss and align upon follow up actions to deliver tangible outcomes.

Speakers Include:
Dr. Robert Hampshire, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology, U.S. DOT
Darran Anderson, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Texas DOT
Joshua Benson, Deputy Commissioner for Traffic Operations, NYC DOT
Preeti Choudhary, Executive Director of Drive Ohio, Ohio DOT
Amy Scarton, Deputy Secretary, Washington State DOT
Tony Tavares, Director, Caltrans
Leslie Harlien, VP of Public Business Development and Strategy, Dell
Sajid Khan, GM, Smart Cities & Transportation Business Strategy & Marketing, Intel
Gregg Descheemaeker, GM US Education, State & Local Governments, Intel
Elizabeth McGee, Chief Strategy & Innovation Advisor, U.S. Public Sector, Intel
Dr. Zak Kassas, Director of the U.S. DOT University Transportation Center, The Ohio State University
Laura Chace, President & CEO, ITSA
Tim Drake, VP of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, ITSA