V2X Interoperability at Scale: Focus on Connected Intersections

Intersections are one of the most dangerous places on our roadways. A connected intersection usesV2X systems to reduce risk by enabling safety-critical applications for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians that prevent collisions, reduce fatalities, and minimize injury.

This panel, which has collectively worked to advance connected intersections for more than 50 years, will explore the projects it has initiated together and USDOT V2X programs that share the common goal of achieving interoperability at scale.

In 2020 the Connected Vehicle Pooled Fund Study embarked on the launch of its Connected Intersection Program and quickly partnered with WSP to support that effort. This work led to increased IOO engagement in the ITE/SAE CTI 4501/J4501 standard development with vigorous testing and validation in coordination with OEMs and vendors. Around the same time a Connected Intersections Message Monitoring Systems (CIMMS) Requirements and Prototype Development project kicked off and has since been developing and testing the reliability of connected intersections at V2X sites in Utah, Arizona, and Georgia. Additional sites are coming in 2024. This research and groundwork have set the stage for the connected intersection of the future, one that is safe and secure.

The team at Panasonic has been engaged in the CV PFS and related CI standards efforts from early on. They believe that there are many ways to approach V2X deployment and that interoperability is key. CIMMS integration into current products and tools will support the shift to scaled interoperable systems.

UDOT also believes that CIMMS logic must be scaled and is partnering with Panasonic, WSP, and others to do just that. The agency has made strategic investments in ITS infrastructure across the state and has what it takes to make V2X a success.

Together, they’ll engage in a compelling discussion about connected intersections and what it will take for them to become reality in communities across the country.