Momentum Issue #105

August 29, 2022 

DOT’s V2X Summit 

For those of you who missed USDOT’s V2X summit, below are topline messages ITS America President & CEO Laura Chace delivered to participants: 

  • Connectivity is essential to saving lives and necessary to get to zero deaths
  • IOOs and OEMs agree that safety is paramount
  • This is a cooperative technology so we must to be working together under a national plan.
  • We have deployed and we are poised to deploy but we need federal leadership and certainty
  • The federal government needs to signal a clear and unambiguous commitment to support deployment
  • We are here today because there are lives to be saved.

The industry is unified around both the technology and the realization that with only 30mhz of dedicated spectrum left, we are at a make-or-break moment. We must use that spectrum and deploy at scale. The industry is also unified around the fact that to reach scale, we must deploy this technology in vehicles.  We cannot achieve this with infrastructure deployment alone. You can’t get V2I – or V2X – without the V.

Laura, along with other state, OEM, and technology partners, delivered the following message: we have a coalition of the willing and are ready to work with DOT on three critical pieces of a national deployment plan:   

  1. USDOT must put forth a clear national vision, strategy and framework for V2X 
  2. USDOT must work closely with FCC and NTIA to resolve interference and ensure V2X waivers are approved 
  3. In order to preserve the 30 mhz, USDOT must establish a regulatory environment that is conducive to deployment 

Stay tuned for key takeaways from this important event later this week!