ITS America and Cambridge Consultants Announce National Digital Infrastructure Strategy Report

USDOT should harness advances in digital technology to develop a safer, more sustainable and equitable transportation framework

ITS America, the leading advocate for the digital transformation of transportation, and Cambridge Consultants, which specializes in delivering breakthrough innovation for clients worldwide, announce the release of a national digital infrastructure strategy report to explore the future of transportation in the United States.

The global transportation sector is experiencing transformative change fueled by advances in digital technology. In this rapidly evolving landscape, the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) is facing an urgent need to create a comprehensive digital infrastructure strategy that aligns to a wide network of interconnected stakeholders, a dynamic technological landscape, and needed regulatory support.

Taken together, these factors create a complex ecosystem in which USDOT must design and implement its digital infrastructure strategy. The National Digital Infrastructure Strategy Report combines feedback and ideas gained over the past 12 months from ITS America’s digital infrastructure working group and other industry leaders to inform how we best develop a framework that saves lives, promotes sustainability, increases access and opportunity – and eliminates transportation barriers. ITS America and Cambridge Consultants recently announced a strategic collaboration to ensure the U.S. transportation system is prepared to harness the opportunities of technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and 5G communication. The relationship was initiated via a co-hosted Digital Infrastructure Workshop at the 2023 ITS America Annual Conference and Expo. Much of the feedback shared during the workshop serves as a foundation for the National Digital Infrastructure Strategy Report. The relationship between ITS America and Cambridge Consultants will continue to support and inform forthcoming reports on the future of transportation.

”We are excited to have joined together with Cambridge Consultants to showcase a path forward that harnesses the ever important digital layer of infrastructure that is key to realizing our goals of safer streets, a cleaner environment and an inclusive transportation system for all travelers,” said ITS America’s President & CEO Laura Chace. “But this is just the beginning, we look forward to working with our federal partners at USDOT and our members to meaningfully plan for and invest in the foundational technologies, digital platforms and tools necessary to support the future transportation system we all envision.”

“Cambridge Consultants is delighted to have contributed to this report in collaboration with ITS America,” said Dr. Sinan Yordem, Vice President of Smart Infrastructure, North America, at Cambridge Consultants. “Our focus as a company has been and will always be on outcomes – specifically the business, economic and societal value of breakthrough digital transformation. This approach dovetails neatly with the bold, modernizing vision of ITS America, and our hope is that this report will help pave the way towards safer, greener, smarter environments for everyone.”


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