ITS America and Cambridge Consultants Announce Strategic Collaboration to Advance Digital Transformation

ITS America and Cambridge Consultants (CC) announce a strategic collaboration across the two organizations to ensure the U.S. transportation system is prepared to harness the opportunities of transportation technologies to create safer, greener, and smarter communities for all.  

Initiating this relationship, ITS America and CC hosted a Digital Infrastructure Workshop at the 2023 ITS America Annual Conference and Expo, to gather feedback on what a U.S. strategy for digital infrastructure could look like to promote innovation and harness technology to save lives, promote sustainability, increase access and opportunity, and eliminate transportation barriers. The event gathered leaders across the intelligent transportation community to engage in thought-provoking conversations to brainstorm solutions. Cross-industry consensus strategies will be shared with the U.S. Department of Transportation to inform their policy and research on digital transformation to help communities leverage federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law investment in technology and innovation, specifically digital infrastructure like data, information, and insights to promote better transportation for all. 

This enterprise will result in a report from ITS America and CC that combines the feedback and ideas gained over the past 12 months from private companies, tech startups, local, state, and federal government, academic researchers, and non-profits, and leverages lessons from CC’s deep exposure to scaling technology deployments in other industries that are undergoing digital transformation to accelerate innovation. The report will inform government, industry, communities, and research institutions on how we develop a structure and framework to partner across sectors, help government leverage digital information, and enable private industry to continue to innovate and grow the American economy and promote national security interests.  
The result of this collaboration will be a stronger outlook for the future of American transportation infrastructure at a time when there is record investment and interest in making travel safer and more efficient for personal and business purposes.  

Laura Chace, President & CEO of ITS America, noted, “ITS America is proud to be the leading advocate for digital transformation across transportation sectors – and with the enormous investment in federal infrastructure funding in recent years – we have a historic opportunity to help develop digital transformation strategies to modernize our transportation system. We have been working closely across the U.S. DOT and multi-modal administrations to ensure we connect surface transportation innovation to airspace digitization so that every community has access to safer, more sustainable, more accessible mobility across modes. We are excited to expand this coalition through our work with Cambridge Consultants; it will help advance research and deployment of intelligent transportation technology and save lives.” 

“CC is delighted to be working with ITS America and its members to advance innovation in the transportation and mobility industry by leveraging our deep expertise and practical experience in developing and scaling relevant technologies such as digital infrastructure, artificial intelligence and V2X”, said Dr. Sinan Yordem, Vice President of Smart Infrastructure, North America.  


About ITS America 

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America was founded by Congress to advise the federal government on digital transformation in transportation and is the only organization that brings together private industry, government, researchers, non-profits, and communities to advance the deployment of intelligent transportation technologies to save lives, promote sustainability, and increase access and opportunity for all communities. Our vision is a better future transformed by transportation technology and innovation that is safer, greener, and smarter for All. For more information, please visit 

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