ITS America President & CEO Shailen Bhatt’s Statement on House T&I Infrastructure Framework

“Moving America and the Environment Forward,” the infrastructure framework that the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee leadership released today, represent a solid commitment to improving safety and mobility in the United States while moving toward a greener transportation system.

ITS America appreciates the Committee’s leadership and supports congressional efforts that recognize the added value of integrating technology into transportation infrastructure and providing funding for the rapid deployment of technologies across the country.

Our biggest challenge in transportation continues to be reducing fatalities on U.S. roadways. These principles make clear that improving safety for all users of our system remains the top priority of any new proposals. The framework also prioritizes cutting carbon emissions within transportation, which is critical to combating climate change. Finally, it will also help create the smart infrastructure we need to support our technology-driven 21st century economy, which is critical as we transition from moving cars to moving people, data and freight.

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