ITS America Releases Principles for Inclusive Future Mobility

How Technology Can Create a Safer, Greener, Smarter, and More Equitable Future

WASHINGTON – The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) today released principles to guide transportation stakeholders, communities, and policy makers on how best to develop policy and programs that direct investment in technology and drive societal outcomes to save lives, promote sustainability, and advance more access and opportunity for all.

President & CEO Laura Chace outlined the new “Principles for Inclusive Future Mobility” at ITS America’s Digital Infrastructure: Technology and the Future of Transportation forum, which addressed the importance of integrating technology into future infrastructure investments and examined how the U.S. transportation system has evolved from one of paved roads and concrete bridges to one that includes sensors, data, software, and algorithms.

“Transportation creates opportunities – it connects us to jobs, healthcare, education, family, friends, and much more. It is foundational to our overall well-being,” Chace said.

The principles are meant to be holistically considered when developing new ideas or programs. They are outlined in detail here and ask industry officials to:

  • Focus on the user
  • Reimagine how we look at safety
  • Cultivate sustainability and resiliency
  • Champion equity, diversity, and inclusion in transportation and the workforce
  • Promote access and opportunity
  • Educate, engage, and convene stakeholders to listen and build consensus

“If we follow these principles to guide us as we develop and deploy technology, we directly advance our vision of a safer, greener, smarter future with more access and opportunity,” Chace said. “We look forward to continuing to work with our members and all stakeholders and hope the principles will provide critical guidance.”

The principles help advance the U.S. Department of Transportation’s vision of transportation that is what Secretary Pete Buttigieg described as “imaginative, bold, forward-thinking engine for equity” that improves quality of life.

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