Op Ed: The FCC Can Save Lives on Roadways

The Hill Op-Ed by Shailen Bhatt, ITS America President & CEO

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, most people are making plans to mark the unofficial start of summer and remembering those who gave their lives while serving in the armed forces. That’s what the holiday should be about.

What it should not be about is wondering how many people will die in car crashes over the first of summer’s long weekends. It’s unacceptable that we lose more than 100 people every day on U.S. roadways when technologies exist that can mitigate or eliminate a vast majority of these tragedies. 

Vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicle-to-pedestrian, collectively referred to as vehicle-to-everything or V2X technologies, have the potential to save lives, reduce crashes, increase mobility, and move toward a more sustainable transportation system. They rely on dedicated spectrum — known as the 5.9 GHz band — to ensure uninterrupted high-speed communications.  

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