Statement of ITS America President & CEO Laura Chace On Latest NHTSA Fatality Estimates

“The estimates NHTSA released today are tragic – again. In the first quarter of this year, 9,560 people didn’t return to their families. We continue to set the wrong kinds of records, and that won’t change until we adapt our approach and use all the tools at our disposal to improve safety, which include technology. We owe it to our communities to invest in digital technologies that will advance safety, not just physical infrastructure solutions. ITS technologies advance a future that is not only safer but greener, smarter, and more equitable.

Transportation technologies like connectivity, automation, and digital infrastructure help dramatically reduce the number of deaths on our roads. There is no time to waste. National leaders must take swift action to ensure technology solutions are a key tool in saving lives, and we look forward to working with the appropriate officials to advance these innovations as part of a safe systems approach toward zero deaths.”


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