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October 21, 2021
Digital Twin Technology as a Part of Europe’s Largest Lidar Infrastructure Projec
Digital twin technology will be key to planning the future of efficient, safe mobility. And it starts with having precise, detailed data. Researchers in Aachen, Germany are developing digital twins with ITS America member Ouster digital lidar in order to run V2X simulations with autonomous vehicles.  Read More…

October 4, 2021
The (Slightly Different) Show Goes On

In almost real time, major decisions are being made regarding in-person industry conferences – and in just 64 days, ITS America kicks off our 2021 Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. Read More…

September 20, 2021
Ryan Westrom: The Importance of Transportation

“As we examine the nitty gritty of President Biden’s infrastructure proposal and subsumed federal transportation bill, I want to share why transportation, and thus the USDOT matters to our overall economy, the environment, and overall wellbeing. Let’s take the chance to take a deeper look as transportation gains ink in 2021 due to these bills. Spoiler, it’s important.” Read More…

September 9, 2021
World Electric Vehicle Day 2021

Today is World Electric Vehicle Day, and the goal is to raise awareness of electric vehicles (EVs) to promote greater deployment across the globe. Read More…

Laura D. Chace

August 30, 2021
New Beginnings

ITS America President and CEO Laura D. Chace begins her new role at an important time. “Our vision – a better future transformed by intelligent mobility, one that is safer, greener, and smarter – is at the center of all we do. It is a powerful incentive for our entire staff, and it motivates me every day.” Read More…

August 25, 2021
Jetsons, Star Wars, Blade Runner, or Terminator?

Washington State Secretary of Transportation Roger Millar on harnessing Advanced Air Mobility as a component of a safer, greener, smarter transportation future. Read More …

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August 5, 2021
Cooperative Automated Transportation Systems – Observations and Trends | Partnerships

Second in our series about the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP)’s lessons learned about Cooperative Automated Transportation (CAT) Systems and Partnerships. Read More…

August 3, 2021
Looking Toward the 21st Century Railroad

Max Read, ITS America’s summer intern, on the value of rail in our past, our present, and our future. Read More…

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July 13, 2021
Cooperative Automated Transportation Systems-

Observations & Trends
Part of a series, read more about the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP)’s recent lessons learned about Cooperative Automated Transportation (CAT) Systems. Read More…

June 30, 2021
The Critical Role of Data in Making Mobility Infrastructure Smarter and Roads Safer

On June 9th, the ITS America Board of Directors approved five new policies developed by the Sustainability and Resiliency and Smart Infrastructure Committees. The policies cover a variety of topics from electric vehicle charging infrastructure to broadband deployment. Here are the main takeaways. Read More…

June 25, 2021
The Critical Role of Data in Making Mobility Infrastructure Smarter and Roads Safer

In ITS America’s 2021 policy blueprint, which sets the framework for thinking about the future of mobility and ensuring a safer, greener and smarter transportation system in the United States, six broad categories of transportation technology are highlighted. And while each of these innovative categories have their own unique ways of improving and, indeed, disrupting the world of transportation, it is what fuels them and ties them all together that requires a broader conversation. Read More…

April 29, 2021
National Work Zone Awareness Week 2021

The transportation industry is committed to reducing lives lost across the system. National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) is an annual spring campaign held at the start of construction season which encourages safer driving through highway work zones.  Read More…


April 26, 2021
ITS America 2021 Annual Meeting: Welcome to Charlotte 

Groundbreaking transportation technologies used to improve the quality of life in communities – this and much more makes for an exciting 2021 ITS America Annual Meeting location: Charlotte, NC. Read More…

April 22, 2021
Celebrating Earth Day 2021 with a Focus on Electric Vehicles 

To address climate change, we must solve multiple challenges, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing resiliency to prepare for the changes we are already facing. There’s good news—we have solutions. Read More…

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April 12, 2021
Five Things you Should Know About Contactless Payment Systems 

Interest in and adoption of contactless payment systems have been growing in recent years due to the added efficiency, convenience, and security that these systems offer and continued technological advancement. Read More…

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March 8, 2021
International Women’s Day and MobilityXX

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate women around the world. It is also a day at ITS America where we reflect on women’s achievements in transportation and mobility and focus on how our own actions can help advance equality in our industry. Read More…

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March 1, 2021
Six Key Takeaways from ITS America’s Standing Committee Kickoffs 
In February, ITS America launched six new standing advisory committees to delve into some of the biggest topics in intelligent transportation: V2X and connected transportation; smart infrastructure; emerging technologies; sustainability and resiliency; automated vehicles; and mobility on demand. Read More…