April 7, 2022
On Well-Being & World Health Day 2022 by Kristin White

On the sunset of Women’s History Month and the dawn of World Health Day, I took the time to reflect on the first few months of 2022 and all that we’ve learned so far. These first few months of the second year of the second decade have been challenging and thought-provoking. In the transportation and... Read More…
March 31, 2022
 WZDx – A Bold Initiative for the Future of Work Zone Safety 

WZDx is a bold initiative and a crucial part of the future of transportation. Formally, it’s called the Work Zone Data Exchange and if you’re not aware of it, you may be missing one of the most fundamental building blocks of a successful road management strategy.  Read More…
Smiling businesswoman leading a meeting with a man looking at her attentively.
March 21, 2022
Why We Need Women in the Workforce 

Women bring unique perspectives and solutions, women bring unique talents and life experiences, women bring unique emotional connections that are all valuable and should be revered. Read More…
March 17, 2022
Building Today’s and Tomorrow’s Intelligent Transportation Systems 

 The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) space is experiencing a step change. Driven by the proliferation of connected devices, connected vehicles, and further facilitated by widespread availability of IP connectivity, expectations of today’s tech-savvy travelers are changing. Read More…
February 24, 2022
Could Neuro-Symbolic AI Change the Landscape of Autonomous Driving?

Automated braking. Adaptive cruise control. Driverless navigation. Most of us have felt the advancements in the transportation industry made possible through artificial intelligence (AI). Read More…