Complete Trip ITS4US Webinar Series #2: Deployment Partnerships & Planning

This webinar is the second in an on-going webinar series to assist prospective deployers and partners for the Complete Trip – ITS4US Deployment Program. Sofia Gallo (Special Assistant, Office of Transportation Policy) provided a brief introduction of the Complete Trip – ITS4US Deployment Program. David Pinkney (Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Program Analyst, FHWA Office of Civil Rights) presented on how communities can identify and engage stakeholders to define the transportation needs and challenges of their region. Danielle Blackshear (Transportation Specialist, FHWA Office of Human Environment) discussed user needs identification and practices that identify key steps in the decision making and planning processes for a successful deployment. Elina Zlotchenko (Program Manager, ITS JPO), discussed approaches to partnerships and best practices to ensure a complete team with impactful partnerships is developed.

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