DI Webinar Series: Curb Data

Streamlining and making our transportation in cities smarter helps to make traversing our communities more efficient, safer, and greener. However, while we focus on time spent making travelling safer, we must also collect curb use data to ensure that curb zones are accessible and useful to the largest number of commuters once they reach their destination. Panelists will share their experiences and future hopes for how curb data helps government and service providers offer better services to the general public.


  • Ahmed Darrat, Group Product and General Manager, Inrix
  • Andrew Glass Hastings, Executive Director, Open Mobility Foundation
  • Kelly Rula, Director, University of Washington’s Urban Freight Lab
  • Lori Pepper, South/Central Mobility Technology Solutions Leader, STV
  • Ty’on Jones, Deputy Associate Director, Curbside Management Division, District DOT