ITS America Briefing on Digital Infrastructure Strategy

ITS America staff will join our ITS NJ and NJDOT partners to discuss ITSA’s recently released Digital Infrastructure Strategy Report. This report outlines real-world use cases for digital infrastructure deployment and provides a roadmap for successful implementation by USDOT. ITS America staff will present on the key findings within the report, as well as answer questions on how these findings can be applied. This event is brought to you by ITS America, ITS-New Jersey, and the Mobility Division of the NJDOT.


– Tim Drake, Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs, ITS America

– Sal Cowan, Senior Director of Transportation Mobility, New Jersey DOT

– Bobby McCurdy, Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy, ITS America

– Tina Williams, Director of Policy and Stakeholder Engagement, ITS America

– Chris King, President, ITS New Jersey