Future Proofing Our Infrastructure

Blueprint Webinar Series – Transforming Transportation through Technology

Technology is poised to transform America’s aging and outmoded transportation systems and infrastructure. Connected and automated technologies, broadband, technologies that support zero-emissions transportation, and cybersecurity safeguards are critical underpinnings to a 21st-century transportation system and will help ensure our system is safer, greener, smarter, and more equitable.

ITS America members are deploying these technologies to build innovative and sustainable transportation systems and infrastructure that increasingly shape how people, freight, services, and information move, and protect our environment. Join the builders of America’s infrastructure for a discussion of how technology is transforming our infrastructure for generations to come.

Speakers Include:
Gregory Krueger, Interim Intelligent Transportation and Emerging Mobility Solutions (ITEMS) Leader, HNTB Corporation
Steve Kuciemba, National ITS & C/AV Practice Lead, WSP
Suzanne Murtha, National Lead for Connected and Automated Technology, AECOM
Toks Omishakin, Director, Caltrans