How AI Can Improve Transportation

Artificial intelligence is an evolving and important tool with many potential applications in the field of transportation. This webinar will inform the transportation industry at a basic level about the opportunities that AI offers and draw on insights from a recent policy brief published by the Eno Center. This discussion will describe some of AI’s history and most common methods to make AI less intimidating and more approachable so that more transportation practitioners feel confident thinking and talking about AI.

AI technology is already in widespread use for consumer-facing products, and there are many ways AI could be applied within the transportation industry to improve safety outcomes and operations or reduce costs to agencies and taxpayers. However, it is not as easy as applying an existing algorithm to a transportation challenge.

Audience members will hear examples of how AI is and could be applied to improve transportation practice across both public agencies and travel modes, including a case study of one specific technology improving transit operations. 


– Renee Autumn Ray, Senior Director of Transportation Policy, Hayden AI

– Laura Chace, President & CEO, ITS America