Implementing Interoperable & Scalable Traffic Events and Warnings

Communicating relevant, timely, and accurate information to drivers is critical to improving roadway safety and making a dent in the 40,990 traffic fatalities on US roadways in 2023 alone. Vehicle to everything (V2X) technologies provide an increasingly important, standards based medium over which warnings can be shared to specific subsets of vehicles based on classification, geography, event type, and other filters to improve reach, awareness, and actionability of warnings. However, to deliver impact, V2X based warnings require strategic development to avoid creating technology incompatibilities which hamper deliverability or driver understanding.

The Cirrus team at Panasonic has been working with traffic event and warning data in Utah for over 5 years and refined an optimized architecture that we believe delivers value today while simultaneously preparing for future scale to unlimited future event types. As partners around Utah and across the country are looking to develop new standards for these datasets with Managing Disruptions to Operations Data Exchange (MDODE), we are excited to share our lessons learned to support implementation and scale across the industry.


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Time: Aug 8, 2024 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)