ITS America Member Webinar: Iteris

Governance and reciprocity will be increasingly important concepts as the digital highway becomes flatter and further reaching across all transportation networks. Pioneering data sharing initiatives is a good start, but what’s the vision? In a world of zero fatalities, self-driving vehicles, commercializing transportation economies, and the IoT dumping massive amounts of data disrupts the flow of reliable, prescriptive informatics. As we leverage these new technologies, a parallel strategy to manage the data must evolve to anticipate, prevent, and mitigate safety impacts through smart mobility and data governance.

Motor carrier safety programs are one example where the abundance of data, emerging technologies, and lack of governance results in a significant disadvantage – or even vulnerability. Some agencies are pioneering new frontiers in reciprocity and data strategy. We’re interested in evangelizing the topic of reciprocity and data through a working session with a combination of speakers. This session will highlight perspectives from across the country regarding:

What barriers are the most obstructive to agencies in sharing data with interested parties?
– Lack of governance procedures
– Technology/integration barriers
– Cost/Funding

How are these barriers being removed?
– What is the future of data governance in each agency?

Mrs. Whitney Raya

Mike Hoeme, Kansas Corporation Commission
Tina Sanders, Maryland State Highway Motor Carrier Division
Mr. Paul Clark, FDOT
Duane Pearce, Maryland State Highway Motor Carrier Division