The Future of V2X: 30 MHz Application Map Webinar

In late November, the Federal Communications Commission voted to advance a proposal that would reallocate the majority of the 5.9 GHz spectrum band and leave only 30 MHz of spectrum dedicated to vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technologies. ITS America convened a Future of V2X Working Group of transportation stakeholders, including infrastructure owner operators, automakers, and technology companies, to evaluate which V2X message types and applications would and would not likely be deployed in a limited 30 MHz spectrum environment. 

On January 27, experts presented this Working Group’s preliminary 30 MHz Application Map, which seeks to identify the V2X message types and applications that are likely to be deployed in 30 MHz of spectrum. In developing the Application Map, the Working Group evaluated spectrum requirements, safety impacts, and stakeholder priorities for a multitude of V2X applications.

Participating in the 30 MHz Application Map presentation were representatives from ITS America, Toyota, Qualcomm, and Cisco.