Unlocking federal funding: Free New Tools to Help You Get Federal Funding for Transportation Tech

Join ITS America member AECOM in a webinar as they share insights and lessons learned after the first year of implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). There will be speakers from both the public and private sectors taking a closer look at the hurdles, the successes, and where advanced technology solutions have driven a safer, greener transportation future.

This webinar will also explore how you can unlock the “IIJA and IRA with Fund Navigator”, a technology-driven solution that cuts through the complexity of IIJA and IRA funding opportunities, federal funding requirements, and how to advance Justice 40 equity goals successfully. You will also gain free access to AECOM’s FundExplorer tool which allows you to review the 40+ IIJA and IRA programs and grants that include tech and learn about their FundMatcher and how it can help to match your project’s goals to potential funding programs.