Web3 Future for Cross-Industry Interoperability: Building the New Economy of Movement

Stakeholders operating in extended value chains worldwide remain strained by inefficiencies, prohibitive integration costs, and growing cybersecurity risks. To this end, MOBI and its members have co-developed a decentralized Web3 solution framework rooted in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) trusted identity standards — one that facilitates seamless, privacy-preserving, globally compliant coordination and data exchange while allowing stakeholders to retain their legacy systems.

The solution? Self-Sovereign Digital Twins™ (SSDTs™): portable digital twins that can automatically authenticate identity and selectively disclose information for Web3 transactions at the edge. SSDTs™ function as platform-agnostic “universal translators,” combining standards from W3C, MOBI, IEEE, ISO, SAE, and others with Zero-Knowledge cryptography to permit any entity to engage in secure, tamper-evident transactions across the connected ecosystem — unlocking unprecedented data privacy, autonomy, and portability to empower cross-industry interoperability and business automation across the globe.

Since 2018, MOBI and its members have created standards and built the Web3 infrastructure to enable cross-industry interoperability and business automation. We are now at a critical moment and would like to invite ecosystem participants to join us for a webinar focused on the implementation pathway for two crucial use cases: Vehicle Registration & Titling Automation and Global Battery Passport.

Learning Objectives:

1.       Understand the need for Web3-enabled cross-industry interoperability and business automation

2.       Learn how Self-Sovereign Digital Twins™ (SSDTs™) establish trust and data provenance

3.       Identify the challenges, solutions, and benefits (establish trust, data provenance, and transaction integrity) of implementing Web3 technologies for business automation in Vehicle Registration & Titling Automation and Global Battery Passport


– Tram Vo, MOBI

– Wayne Nightengale, Nissan Motor Corporation

– Rajat Rajbhandari, MOBI

– Griffin Haskins, MOBI