How CAVs are Transforming the Transportation Landscape

March 17, 2022

What is the latest in future technology research? What are university leaders planning for the deployment of ITS? The research webinar series highlights leading transportation research by academic institutions on connected and automated vehicles, sustainable transportation, innovative mobility solutions, and other emerging tech.

Transportation technology is transforming nearly every facet of our lives. In this first webinar of the Research Series, leaders from top US research institutions will discuss how new developments and innovations in Connected and Automated Vehicles will make our world safer, greener, and smarter.

Learning outcomes:
1. Learn how connected and automated vehicles research can impact our day-to-day lives.
2. Understand how the deployment of transportation technologies can help save lives, advance sustainability, and increase access and opportunity.

Speakers include:

Lily Elefteriadou, Ph.D., Director, University of Florida Transportation Institute
Henry Liu, Ph.D., Director, Mcity
Gregory D. Winfree, Director, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Kristin White, Chief Operating Officer, ITS America (moderator)