Big Names in Mobility and Technology Join ITS America | April 2021

WASHINGTON – Well-established companies and start-ups in technology, innovation, mobility, and infrastructure, in addition to one of the country’s largest transit agencies, joined the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) over the last six months.

Members that joined October 15, 2020-April 15, 2021: Abloy USA; Applied Concepts, Inc; Argonne National Laboratory; Aurora; Axilion Smart Mobility; B&B Roadway and Security Solutions; Flow Labs; Google; GovComm, Inc; Locomation; Newmar Power; Ouster; Sentinel Transportation Systems LLC; Smart Transportation Systems; SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority); SES America; Turing Research; Verizon; and Yaffe Mobility Consulting LCC. Two sole proprietors are also new members – Julian Gehman and Ivy Chang Liu.

“We are excited to welcome such an impressive group of new members,” said ITS America President & CEO Shailen Bhatt. “Technology is essential to improving safety, reducing emissions and congestion, and making our transportation system more effective, efficient, and equitable. ITS America is looking forward to working with all our members to create a safer, greener, smarter future.”

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