ITS America and its Partners Kick Off Digital Infrastructure Week

Washington, DC – Today, ITS America along with its members and partners kicked off Digital Infrastructure Week as a part of the Infrastructure Week event. The goal of the event is to raise awareness of the role digital infrastructure and investments in technology will play in creating more commutable, efficient, and safer cities.

Digital Infrastructure Week will consist of the new website, blog posts from across the transportation industry on digital infrastructure issues, and social media highlights. The goal of the week will be to provide a better understanding of the connection between hard infrastructure and digital infrastructure. Just as we invest in paved roads and concrete bridges, communities must invest in technology and innovation like transportation technologies that provide data and meaningful insights to modernize transportation and future mobility.

“We are in an era of change, Americans are tired of unnecessary road deaths, the climate impacts of inefficient transportation systems, and lack of access to basic necessities like doctors, groceries, and good jobs,” said ITS America President and CEO Laura Chace. “We have an opportunity through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to make plans for a future where just as much thought is put into the digital infrastructure that builds our transportation system as the steel and concrete that make up the physical roads.”

Digital Infrastructure Week will run May 15-19, concurrent with United for Infrastructure’s Infrastructure Week and content will be available through and ITS America social media channels.


About ITS America

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