Statement from ITS America on Auto Industry’s V2X Build-Out Commitment

The auto industry’s commitment to deploy millions of life-saving connected vehicle technology devices in the next five years is an important step toward a future in which we don’t lose more than 37,000 people every year on U.S. roads and a vast majority of crashes are eliminated.

The auto industry’s pledge, announced today by the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, to deploy at least five million Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) devices in vehicles and infrastructure is a bold step to match the hundreds of millions of dollars that public sector agencies have invested across the country. The United States is on the brink of widespread deployment of connected vehicle communications, which has been the goal of those who prioritize safety above all else. As ITS America has said repeatedly, connected vehicle technologies are the best tool in our toolbox to save lives and protect all road users, particularly those who are most vulnerable, including pedestrians, cyclists, and first responders. To support these deployments and ensure the safety of the nation’s transportation system, it is imperative that the Federal Communications Commission preserve the entire 5.9 GHz band of safety spectrum for transportation communications.

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