The Intelligent Transportation Society of America Announces 2024 Committee Leadership

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America Announces 2024 Committee Leadership

Washington, DC – The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) recently certified the organization’s Committee and Working Group leadership including newly created Communities of Practice. As the nation’s leading intelligent transportation advocate, ITS America brings together leaders from the public sector, private industry, academia, and research organizations to lead these committee groups and advocate for the scaled deployment of technology in communities across the country.

“On the heels of announcing our newly elected Board of Director members, we are thrilled to add this diverse group of ITS industry leaders to dive deeper into the work of our committees, working groups, and communities of practice,” said ITS America President & CEO Laura Chace. “The experiences of these leaders will build on our past work to help guide our industry as we accelerate ITS deployment and the benefits these solutions bring to communities.”

For 2024, ITS America has four standing committees, eight working groups, and four communities of practice that reflect the breadth of the industry and all its focus areas.
Standing Committee, Working Group, and Community of Practice Leadership for 2024 (Committees in bold, working groups underlined):

V2X and Connected Transportation Committee
Co-Chair: Elise Feldpausch – Michigan DOT
Co-Chair: Brad Stertz – Audi of America

Future of 5.9 V2X Working Group:

Co-Chair: Blaine Leonard – Utah DOT
Co-Chair: Jennifer Duthie – Cintra

Beyond 5.9 V2X Working Group:
Co-Chair: Brock Aun – HAAS Alert
Co-Chair: John Kenney – Toyota

Digital Infrastructure Committee
Co-Chair: Scott Marler – Iowa DOT
Co-Chair: Kurtis McBride – Miovision

AI & Digital Transformation Working Group:
Co-Chair: Karen Lightman – CMU
Co-Chair: Vidhu Shekhar – Microsoft

IIJA and Digital Infrastructure Policy Working Group:
Co-Chair: Melanie Alvord – Texas DOT
Co-Chair: David Swallow – RTC of Southern Nevada
Co-Chair: Amy Ford – AECOM

Emerging Technology Committee
Co-Chair: Darran Anderson – Texas DOT
Co-Chair: Ximon Zhu – Accenture

Multi-Modal Transportation & On Demand Mobility Working Group:
Co-Chair: Amber Crabbe – SFCTA
Co-Chair: Crissy Ditmore – Optibus

Digital Twinning Working Group:
Co-Chair: Greg McGuire – Mcity University of Michigan
Co-Chair: Matthew Junak – HNTB

Advanced Air Mobility Working Group:
Co-Chair: Rebecca Gallas – North Carolina DOT
Co-Chair: Beth Kigel – HNTB

Automated Vehicles Committee
Co-Chair: Preeti Choudhary – Drive Ohio
Co-Chair: Jeffery Kupko – Michael Baker International

AV Freight Working Group:
Co-Chair: Zeke Reyna – Texas DOT
Co-Chair: Nat Beuse – Aurora

Additionally, the following Community of Practice Leadership was approved:
Cybersecurity & Privacy

Co-Chaired by Susanne Howard of Michael Baker International and Rick Tiene of Mission Secure.

Co-Chaired by Chris Gearhart of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Tina Singh of Toyota.

Co-Chaired by Prachi Vakharia of OST-R and Ralph Cochran of COTA.

Workforce Development
Co-Chaired by Dara Wheeler of Caltrans and Virgina Lingham of WSP

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The Intelligent Transportation Society of America was founded by Congress to advise the federal government on digital transformation in transportation and is the only organization that brings together private industry, government, researchers, non-profits, and communities to advance the deployment of intelligent transportation technologies to save lives, promote sustainability, and increase access and opportunity for all communities. Our vision is a better future transformed by transportation technology and innovation that is safer, greener, and smarter for all. For more information, please visit