Digital Infrastructure Week 2024

Social Media Messaging and Graphics

After the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law –which has over 40 programs to invest in technology –ITS America began working with USDOT, its members, and the industry to help public agencies modernize transportation using technology. Last year, ITS America launched the Digital Infrastructure Week campaign to help people understand how digital infrastructure, like data and information systems, is just as important as physical infrastructure, like roads and bridges.

Since June 2022, ITS America, our members, and our colleagues have been helping spread the message about the importance of digital infrastructure.

This year, we are partnering with United For Infrastructure and others across the industry to integrate Digital Infrastructure into the conversation around improving infrastructure across the U.S. Anyone invested in digitally transforming the way we move by modernizing our transportation systems is welcome to join the conversation!

Dates: May 13th–17th

Sample Language:

• Our #DigitalInfrastructure network is the data, communications systems, servers, routers, hardware, sensors, software applications, and computing that share information through data exchanges and platforms. Learn more:

• #DigitalInfrastructure can improve #safety. How? Connected technology in traffic signals can help share information and prevent crashes. Learn more:

• How can #DigitalInfrastructure help the environment? Agencies can use data to promote interoperability with charging stations.

• #DigitalInfrastructure is a driver of transportation equity. Communities can use dataexchanges to promote more reliable and flexible transit service just another way we are moving toward the future during #InfrastructureWeek.

• The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has over 40 programs to invest in technology. #DigitalInfrastructure is critical to modernizing our transportation systems.

• This is #InfrastructureWeek and to modernize our transportation system using #DigitalInfrastructure, we need national standards, a unified strategy, and leadership. Learn more:

• As a member of ITS America’s #DigitalInfrastructure Committee, we are excited to participate in  #InfrastructureWeek. Digital infrastructure is vital to modernizing and increasing safety in our transportation system. To learn more about our work and the resources we create, visit our At Your Fingertips resource:

• While #DigitalInfrastructure Week only happens once a year, ITS America is working to build a better future all year long. You can find our most recent advances in our At Your Fingertips reference document. Learn more: #InfrastructureWeek

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