Let’s Transform the Future Together

Technology evolves faster than we can imagine the future. Rapidly evolving transportation innovations are being developed and deployed that promise to entirely reshape the way our transportation network operates, facilitating vast improvements to transportation safety and overall mobility. The promise of these innovations is apparent, but the deployment and application of these technologies is not without challenges. While technology disrupts the transportation ecosystem with new innovations and ideas, government, communities, private companies, and researchers must race to catch up to and contend with ideas never thought possible. How do we accelerate change and safely embrace new technology while promoting collaboration across industry to advance shared societal goals? Through nonprofits like the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America).

ITS America and its members have been at the center of these innovations, advocating for transformational technology to save lives, promote sustainability, and improve access to mobility.

Decades ago, ‘intelligent transportation system’ – or ITS – technologies included roadside sensors, signs that dynamically changed messaging, and coordinated traffic signals. Now ITS technologies have expanded to include a much wider spectrum of innovation, including: (1) automation; (2) connectivity; (3) digital infrastructure; (4) sustainable technologies; (5) mobility on demand technologies; and (6) emerging transportation technologies like eVTOLS, delivery drones, sidewalk robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Whether you see it or not, ITS technologies are improving your everyday life.

Since being established by Congress in 1991 to serve as an advisor to the US Department of Transportation on emerging technology, ITS America has been a trusted technology advisor to governments, industry, communities, and researchers. Progress over the past 30 years has seen intelligent transportation systems evolve from electronic tolling and wireless roadside devices to self-driving vehicle technologies and ridesharing apps that led to widescale disruption of the transportation system. Beginning at a time where the management of the nation’s roads started to evolve from the physical to digital realms, ITS America helped the U.S. develop its first national standards and frameworks to plan for the unknown future.

Why Now?

In communities across the country, traffic deaths are increasing. 43,000 people lose their lives on our roadways each year.

Transportation is our #1 pollutant of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), accounting for 29% of all U.S. GHG emissions and leading to negative health effects – particularly in communities of color.

On average, people in the U.S. lose 51 hours per year due to congestion, and the cost to our economy is estimated at $120 billion.

Traditional transportation investments have impacted different demographics disproportionately, dividing communities, affecting low-income communities, women, and people of color more prominently. We have the tools available today to reverse these trends. We can’t build our way out of congestion. We don’t have enough money to rebuild every street in America to help save lives. However, by using technology and innovation, we can save lives and improve communities.

ITS America is transforming the way we move. We use advanced transportation technologies, digital infrastructure, data, information, and insights to:

• Advance our Vision Zero goal to reduce fatalities

• Progress our zero-emission goals

• Grow our economy by providing market certainty for industry

• Help public agencies modernize their systems

• Provide underserved communities with more affordable, accessible, and reliable transportation

Join us to transform the future together. Safer, Greener, Smarter, for all.