DI Webinar Series: Data in Roadway Digital Infrastructure

This next webinar in the Digital Infrastructure Webinar Series will bring together experts to reexamine one of the simplest propositions at the very core of Roadway Digital Infrastructure: getting data from vehicles or on-road sensors, and then leveraging that data for planning and operations purposes. With a focus on this core tenet, this webinar will be a great entry point for anyone new to the RDI space. At the same time, however, the rapid evolution of digital technologies continually grows the catalog of available data types, shifting this very base proposition. Even seasoned practitioners will be able to benefit from the webinar as the panel discusses this rapidly shifting ecosystem in RDI.

Join ITS America and STV as we trace data from a vehicle (with GM’s Harnit Anand) and on-road sensor (with Miovision’s Kurtis McBride) and back through a data exchange (with KYTC’s Chris Lambert) via 3rd party aggregators (with TxDOT’s Beth Wyatt). We will explore current success stories that can be scaled and replicated across the United States, and we look forward to the next frontier in RDI data collection, aggregation, and use (with FDOT’s Raj Ponnaluri).


– Harnit Anand, Head of Strategy and Business Development, GM Future Roads

– Chris Lambert, Systems Consultant IT, Commonwealth of Kentucky

– Bethany Wyatt, GIS Program Analyst and Advocate, Texas DOT

– Raj V. Ponnaluri, Emerging Technologies Manager, Florida DOT

– Kurtis McBride, CEO, Miovision

– James Kuhr, Texas Mobility Technology and Data Solutions Leader, STV (moderator)