DI Webinar Series: Signalized Intersections

This Webinar is Part 3 of ITS America’s Digital Infrastructure (DI) webinar series. This webinar is intended to continue to advance the education, collaboration, and definition of DI use cases, with a focus on Traffic Signal Integration. To allow a more “deep dive” discussion, this presentation will specifically focus on Next Generation Transit Signal Priority and open architecture signal systems. A discussion of the opportunities, challenges, and impacts of implementing these solutions on partner agencies’ signalized corridors. Attendees of this session will have the opportunity to hear from, and then participate in a discussion with, public and private sector partners that have firsthand experience with implementing these technologies.

Digital Infrastructure (DI) is a broad topic in the transportation technology space, and this session will start by defining how Next Generation Traffic Signal Priority fits into the DI landscape, including real-world implementation Lessons Learned from transportation agencies. This will include discussion from the perspective of the traffic signal system managers, transit providers, the technology providers that offer these solutions, as well as consultants that have implemented and explored these applications with various agencies across the country.


– Adrian Pearmine, Western Mobility Technology Solutions Leader, STV (Moderator)
– Erin Ehlinger, President, Smart City Traffic LLC
– Miles Crumley, Manager, Service Performance and Analysis Team, TriMet
– Tim Menard, CEO, LYT