ITS America Digital Infrastructure Strategy Report Webinar

This webinar will provide a deep dive into ITS America and Cambridge Consulting’s Digital Infrastructure Strategy Report, a work product which outlines real-world use cases for digital infrastructure deployment and provides a roadmap for successful implementation by USDOT. The webinar, moderated by ITS America’s President and CEO Laura Chace, will feature ITS America’s Digital Infrastructure Working Group leaders, USDOT representatives, and additional partners contributed to this report. Join us to hear more about this report’s conclusions, including on defining digital infrastructure, promising use cases, strategies for stakeholder engagement, and action items to shape the future of transportation in the United States.


– Laura Chace, ITS America (Moderator)`

– Steve Strout, Miovision

– Scott Marler, Iowa DOT

– Sinan Yordem, Cambridge Consulting

– Eric Raamot, HASS COE, USDOT