Momentum Issue #141:

ITS America Continues to Provide Resources and Trainings to Benefit Industry

In ITS America’s ongoing effort to provide cutting edge industry information, we partner with many groups to provide new insights, thought leadership, and educational resources. Today, we highlight multiple resources and the launch of a new training offering that will occur at the upcoming ITS America Conference and Expo in Phoenix, AZ in partnership with USDOT. 

Concurrently with our Conference and Expo, the U.S. Department of Transportations, Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office will be hosting a new Foundational Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Training. This training will provide an overview of V2X and how it uses a variety of wireless communications technologies to enable vehicles to communicate with each other, with other road users such as pedestrians and bicyclists, and infrastructure. These technologies offer the potential to make significant impacts in improving safety, enhancing mobility, and reducing transportation’s impact on the environment.  

This foundational-level course equips participants with a basic understanding of V2X concepts and is a great introduction for transportation professionals with an interest in V2X as well as individuals interested in refreshing their knowledge of key V2X concepts. No prior V2X experience is required to attend this training. Participants will be introduced to the key components that enable a V2X ecosystem, learn about the potential benefits of the technology, and explore example use cases and the messages and standards that support them while ensuring safety and privacy. The course is intended for participants that are new to V2X and is divided into three modules: 

  1. The Case for Interoperable Connectivity 
  1. V2X Basics 
  1. U.S. DOT V2X Technical Assistance and Resources 

This 4-hour introductory course is being offered by the Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office (ITS JPO) ITS Professional Capacity Building Program. The workshop will take place Thursday, April 25, 2024 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm MST at the ITS America Conference & Expo located at the Phoenix Convention Center.   

To Register use this link:  

Learning Objectives 

  • Explain key transportation challenges and identify ways that V2X can address those challenges.​ 
  • Explain key components of a V2X ecosystem​. 
  • Gain a clear understanding of various enabling technologies for interoperable V2X deployments.​ 
  • Define various V2X use cases in the context of safety, mobility, and environmental sustainability. 
  • Understand how to access key V2X resources and technical assistance. 

In addition to the training course above, ITS America in partnership with Leidos, will also be offering a CAVe-in-a-box training geared towards ITS practitioners who have familiarity with Connected and Automated Vehicle technology: Connected and Automated Vehicle Education (CAVe)-in-a-box training on Monday, April 22nd.

This CAVe-in-a-box training will provide an overview of the portable CAVe-in-a-box tool, its importance for CAV education, its proven use cases and applications, and discuss how this low-cost tool enables deployment of ITS. Additionally, the training will provide use cases such as work zone management and pedestrian detection at intersections, in which the tool can provide instant safety benefits. For additional information and to register for this CAVe-in-a-box training please click here 

These trainings and other events will provide opportunities to network, learn and expand your knowledge while in Phoenix, AZ at the ITS America Conference and Expo. In addition to these upcoming events at the ITS America Conference and Expo, we have been busy at work creating new resources for our members to support deployment of V2X. This year alone, ITS America has released several new resources to support our community of innovators including: 

Finally, we are continuing to build our “ITS Use Case Library” to highlight the many ITS projects across the country that are enabling safer, greener, smarter mobility. Share your use cases with Jim Broderick at in time for a mid-year update to our library.  

We are only one month away from ITSA2024 in Phoenix, AZ. Don’t miss our keynote sessions on “Rethinking Infrastructure in the New Digital Era” and “AI: Unlocking the Next Frontier in Transportation” that both feature USDOT, local, and industry leaders. Register today to attend! More information on technical tours, demos and conference sessions is available on our conference website.