Momentum Issue #145

Digital Infrastructure Week Is Here

Yesterday, ITS America unveiled year two of Digital Infrastructure Week, an event we are running in conjunction with Infrastructure Week, which is coordinated by Accelerator for America. This is the second year that ITS America has taken on this facet of Infrastructure Week  

Join us for an exciting week ahead! Get ready for a series of activities including sharing insights, showcasing ITSA resources, launching new products, hosting engaging webinars, and much more. But wait, it’s not just about us – we want to hear from you too! Let’s make this a two-way conversation. We are eager to highlight your news, projects, and social media posts throughout the week to paint a complete picture of our dynamic industry and celebrate all our accomplishments together. 

In this edition of Momentum, we are flagging just a few of the highlights of Digital Infrastructure Week, we will be sharing through our website and social media channels: 

Dive into ITS America President & CEO Laura Chace’s kick off essay on changing our mindset to make a safer future. Our roads, bridges, and highways are no longer just made of asphalt, concrete and steel. If we intend to make our transportation system achieve our Vision Zero goals, we must build with the digital layer in mind, not as an afterthought. 

ITS America always provides valuable resources to support its members. This week, we encourage you to explore the Digital Infrastructure takeover on Access DI materials directly from the homepage banner and find a wealth of resources at your fingertips on our digital infrastructure page, featuring tools such as digital infrastructure use cases, upcoming webinars, grant application tips, white papers, and more. 

Tomorrow, ITS America will be hosting the next in our Digital Infrastructure Webinar Series sponsored by STV, on Curb Data, while streamlining and making our transportation in cities smarter helps to make traversing our communities more efficient, safer, and greener. We must also focus on collecting curb use data to ensure that curb zones are accessible and useful to the largest number of commuters once they reach their destination. Panelists will share their experiences and future hopes for how curb data helps government and service providers offer better services to the general public.  

As the week goes on, we will be hearing from our Digital Infrastructure Committee Co-Chairs – Scott Marler of Iowa DOT and Kurtis McBride of Miovision and releasing new content in the digital field, so stay tuned throughout the week as we celebrate the advances and future of digital infrastructure. 
Beyond Digital Infrastructure Week, we want to encourage you to join us in Washington, DC, September 11-12, 2024, for the first ITS America Policy Summit. Public and private sector thought leaders will come together to discuss the upcoming Surface Transportation Reauthorization and discuss ways to ensure transportation technology is on par with hard infrastructure. Other topics that will be discussed include transforming mobility through investments in digital infrastructure, unlocking the next frontier in transportation through artificial intelligence, saving lives, time and emissions through connectivity and V2X technology and preparing the workforce of the future. So please mark your calendar to join us for two days packed with conversations and presentations!