Momentum Issue #147

Sneak Peek into Fall 2024 with ITSA

Step into the shade and escape the scorching DC heat! While the temperature rises, the ITSA team is hard at work preparing exciting events and resources for this fall. Here is an exclusive sneak peek at what’s in store for later this year.

ITS America is launching the inaugural Policy Summit September 11-12, 2024 in Washington, DC. Join ITS America, public and private sector leaders, practitioners, policy professionals, researchers, and federal government officials from the Executive Branch and Congress as we further the conversation on how transportation technology can help achieve our shared goals of increasing safety, sustainability, resiliency, efficiency, accessibility, and mobility. This two-day event will include sessions that focus on discussions around the intersection of emerging technologies and transportation policy. Day one will feature leaders from Congress and USDOT, as well as other public and private sector thought leaders discussing: Surface Transportation Reauthorization Policy that places transportation technology on par with hard infrastructure, transforming the future of mobility through investments in digital infrastructure, unlocking the next frontier in transportation through artificial intelligence, saving lives, time and emissions through connectivity and V2X Technology, and developing the transportation workforce of the future. We will wrap day one with a networking reception to connect and continue the conversation. Day two will shift to focus on our standing committee meetings. Each committee will have their yearly in-person meeting to discuss key issues, deliverables, and future work of the committees. Take a look at the full agenda to plan your trip to DC and join in on this thought-provoking Summit!  

In addition to an inaugural summit, ITSA announced in April the launch of a new ITSA Training Academy this fall. ITSA Academy will begin with an inaugural course on transportation data. Going beyond the traditional ITS primer, this course will familiarize both existing employees and new hires with the latest best practices regarding collection, use and management of data, and arm them with practical knowledge applicable to their roles today. This introductory course draws on expert insights and real-world case studies to unpack how transportation data can be used to reach key safety and mobility performance goals.

This course is designed to be actionable, with four main learning objectives:

  • Provide baseline literacy about transportation data and its use cases, to encourage a common language with which to discuss these concepts
  • Teach basic best practices that are immediately applicable
  • Spread awareness of ITS’s importance across an organization, to set the stage for wide-scale deployment and use of ITS technologies
  • Introduce new hires to the world of ITS and highlight key data management challenges

The biggest question you might have is: “Should I attend this training course?”, and the answer is YES! This course is mainly designed for IOO staff working in various roles across their organizations but provides value and benefit to private sector companies who work directly with IOOs on data and ITS. For those directly involved in ITS, this course will debrief the latest technologies and techniques for transportation data capture, management, and analysis. For staff whose roles are not directly related to ITS, this course will serve as an introduction to ITS and showcase the vital role that ITS data plays in their daily work. This course is also aimed at new hires in private sector sales, marketing, and product roles. By highlighting IOO priorities, key performance indicators, and key data management challenges, this course will serve as a primer on both the goals IOOs seek to accomplish and the challenges they face in achieving them.

Learn more about the course modules from our website to get a deep dive into the content and be sure to contact us if you want to sign up to be one of the first registered to take the course or if you want to explore a group rate for your organization. 

Get ready to be awestruck the incredible events and resources our team has been cooking up! Don’t hesitate to reach out to your ITSA Team if you have any questions or need more information, contact Andrew Barberi at