Leader in Connected & Automated Vehicle Planning Will Join ITS America

MNDOT’s Kristin White Named as Chief Operating Officer

WASHINGTON – The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) today announced Kristin White, currently the executive director for the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (MNDOT) Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Office, will join ITS America as Chief Operating Officer.
White has been with MNDOT since 2013 and has significant policy and management experience. She oversaw public outreach that led to the country’s first CAV engagement plan, drafted and helped pass CAV policy and legislation, and led the creation of Minnesota’s CAV office, which helps plan and prepare for future technology.

In addition, White has a law degree and worked in MNDOT’s office of legal counsel and managed its office of environmental stewardship.

“Kristin is a rising star in transportation technology, and we are thrilled she is joining the ITS America team,” said Laura Chace, President & CEO. “As an active ITS America member, we know firsthand how committed she is to using technology as a tool to transform transportation and help us create opportunities for everyone, no matter who they are or where they live.”

As COO, White will lead ITS America’s operations and strategic planning and handle day-to-day management of the association. She will also guide the policy team on legislative, regulatory, and public policy initiatives that prioritize intelligent transportation technology.

“I’m humbled to be joining the global leader in emerging transportation tech policy and strategy,” said White. “As a lawyer and emerging technology practitioner, ITS America is the leading convener bringing together thought partners and innovators in government, industry, academia and nonprofits to envision our future national transportation strategy. I’m thrilled that this commitment to making our systems safer, greener, and smarter is also advancing the national conversation on transportation equity and inclusivity.”

The association made two additional key personnel announcements:

  • Tracy Larkin Thomason, who joined ITS America earlier this year from the Nevada Department of Transportation, was named Senior Vice President for Business Development. She brings 30 years of transportation experience and will oversee and grow the association’s technical programs work and expertise with government agencies and other entities as mobility and technology continue to evolve;
  • Nicole DuPuis as Vice President, Mobility on Demand and Emerging Technology. DuPuis, currently the director of technology and innovation for the American Public Transportation Association, also focused on innovation in transportation at the NationalLeague of Cities. She is also a widely published author of journal articles, policy papers, and book chapters.


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