The Intelligent Transportation Society of America and Cambridge Consultants Announce New Report on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Transportation and Mobility

A bold, optimistic vision for a transportation sector empowered by human centered AI implementation

Washington, DC – ITS America, the leading advocate for the digital transformation of transportation, and Cambridge Consultants, which specializes in delivering breakthrough innovation for clients worldwide, announce the release of their co-developed report that explores the impact of AI on the future of transportation and mobility in the United States. 

AI is poised to become a critical enabler of many of the shared goals within the transportation sector. Foremost of these goals is improving transportation safety, reducing, or eliminating the more than 40,000 fatalities that occur on American roads on an annual basis. Additionally, AI can provide benefits related to efficiency, equity, and sustainability. Stakeholders have a unique opportunity to help shape the growth of AI transportation applications to achieve these goals – while creating new markets and business models within the sector and boosting economic growth.

The joint report from ITS America and Cambridge Consultants captures a bold, optimistic vision for a transportation sector empowered by human-centered AI implementation. The prospectus explores how AI can fundamentally change the capabilities of the American transportation sector, while outlining key challenges and solutions associated with the deployment of transportation AI technology. It also proposes key principles of responsible AI utilization, identifies key entities involved with AI implementation, and summarizes the recent regulatory environment for AI within the United States and key global partners. Ultimately, it is expected to serve as a roadmap for individuals and organizations considering deploying AI, and as a foundational building block on which the next generation of transportation progress will be delivered for all.

“AI will be a critical component of our transportation system, both now and into the future.  At ITS America, we are focused on learning, sharing, and preparing for a transportation system that is built with human-centered AI implementation to help us achieve our societal goals,” said ITS America President & CEO Laura Chace. “AI can be a key enabler to improving safety, providing more equitable mobility, delivering positive impacts on our environment, and increasing the economic output of our nation, but only if we are intentional about how we apply it.  We are proud to partner with Cambridge Consultants on this series of reports to show how the transportation industry can harness new technologies to solve these complex challenges.”

“AI holds incredible potential for the future of transportation in the United States,” said Dr. Sinan Yordem, Vice President of Smart Infrastructure, North America, at Cambridge Consultants. “We believe that this report offers actionable proposals as to how AI can be best implemented to make meaningful improvements towards real challenges faced by all transportation users, including those with the least mobility options.”

ITS America and Cambridge Consultants previously collaborated on and released a National Digital Infrastructure Strategy Report to inform the U.S. Department of Transportation of advances in digital technology to develop a safer, more sustainable and equitable transportation framework. The Digital Infrastructure Strategy Report closely followed the announcement of ITS America’s and Cambridge Consultants’ strategic collaboration to advance digital transformation across the transportation industry. For more information, please visit and you can read the full report here.


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