Checking Blind Spots: Mapping Risk-Significant Driving Behaviors to Design Safer Roads

Vision Zero action plans rely on the Safe Systems Approach for success. But objectively and regularly quantifying what defines safe roads in any community is more critical than ever for benchmarking improvements. A complete picture of what’s happening on our roadways — one that includes phone use along with other driving events such as hard braking, harsh acceleration, extreme speeding, and collisions — creates a more precise picture for determining the right countermeasures.

You will learn:

– How driving behaviors can complement local crash reports as collisions and incidents outpace resources available to document them

– How objective insights based on mobile connections unbiased by car make, year or model are less likely to overlook underserved/disadvantaged communities

– How transportation and safety professionals are accelerating, and prioritizing countermeasures based on studies leveraging this data


  • Bill Kotowski, Grants & Contract Officer, Idaho Transportation Department
  • Erik Dietz, President and Chief Operating Officer, Michelin Mobility Intelligence
  • Kamron Clifford, Director of Product Management, Arity