Creating Access through Equity in Transportation

May 4, 2022 – 2pm ET

We all rely on some form of transportation to access employment, education, health care, and other services. But not everyone has equal access to high-quality, reliable, and safe transportation. Even with a growing variety of transportation options available, many residents find themselves limited in their choices due to physical accessibility limitations, safety concerns, or other impediments to safe and efficient travel.

By leveraging and utilizing new and emerging technologies, we can build a more affordable and inclusive transportation system for more of our communities, particularly for those who have traditionally been underserved or overlooked in transportation policy development. In this webinar, leaders from top US research institutions will discuss how new developments and innovations in Transportation Equity can help make our system safer and more equitable for all users.

Dr. Robert Hampshire – Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology and Chief Science Officer, U.S. DOT

Dr. Mansoureh Jeihani – Director of the Urban Mobility & Equity Center (UMEC) and Professor, Morgan State University
Dr. Kaan Ozbay – Director of the Connected Cities with Smart Transportation (C2SMART) Center and Professor, New York University
Tia Boyd – Research Associate with the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR), University of South Florida