Safety Spectrum Stakeholder Webinar

A Conversation Among Transportation Safety and Law Enforcement Stakeholders on the Importance of Preserving the 5.9 GHz Spectrum for Transportation Safety

On Thursday, October 22, principals from the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the National Sheriffs’ Association, Consumer Reports, and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance held a roundtable webinar discussion to share their perspectives on the importance of the 5.9 GHz spectrum band. These leaders from the transportation safety and law enforcement communities will speak on behalf of an extensive group of stakeholders committed to preserving the 5.9 GHz spectrum for V2X technologies, recognizing the importance of this tool for improving safety and efficiency on American roadways. With the Federal Communications Commission preparing to reallocate spectrum in the 5.9 GHz band away from transportation safety, we had a conversation with some of the preeminent voices calling for the preservation of the spectrum for transportation safety.